news + updates March 7th, 2011

Al Letson's Summer in Sanctuary will be performed at
the Abingdon Theatre on March 25th - April 17th.

Check out the press release for more info.

About the Show

Summer in Sanctuary is an autobiographical piece by performance poet/playwright Al Letson. Taking place in the summer of '06, Letson chronicles his journey working at a summer camp at the Sanctuary on 8th Street, a community center in an economically challenged neighborhood.

In trying to connect with the disadvantaged children of the Sanctuary, Letson challenges the audience's perceptions about race and class. Funny, poignant and ultimately inspiring, Summer in Sanctuary is a marriage of old and new forms. Letson weaves his story in the style of monologist Spalding Gray, but infuses his brand of slam poetry, actual videos of his time with the kids and music accompaniment by hip-hop producer Willie Evans Jr.

"When I started at the Sanctuary, I thought I was going to go there, and like all the movies I'd seen, be some sort of a savior. What I learned is that real life doesn’t work that way. There are no easy answers, and sometimes even the best intentions bare little fruit. But if you're patient, those small victories can change lives. I am not your typical volunteer, or activist that works in these type of situations, but that's the point. You don't have to be extraordinary to give something back, you just have to care."

-Al Letson

Meet the Cast + Crew
  • Written and performed by: Al Letson*
  • Music by: Willie Evans Jr.
  • Directed by: Rob Urbinati
  • Video Programs Designer: Jared Mezzocchi
  • Costume Design: Karen Anselm
  • Lighting Design: Andrew Lu
  • Sound Design: David Margolin Lawson
  • Production Stage Manager: Mark Hoffner
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Sara Livant
  • Production Manager: John Trevellini
  • Associate Artistic Director: Kim T. Sharp
  • Press Representative: Shirley Herz Associates
  • Assistant Director: Steve Werner
  • Production Assistant: Rod Eatman
  • * (for press inquiries contact Megan Smith of BrownstonePR)
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